As Super Tuesday approaches, women face tough call

February 1, 2008 |  by  |  Breaking News
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Hillary Clinton's FansRegardless of your political affiliation, the campaign to elect America’s next president has been exciting. Not since 1952 has the country had a blank slate from which to choose and female voters are faced with the biggest predicament.

Having the first female candidate with a serious chance of winning in Senator Hillary Clinton, women across the nation are faced with a tough choice. Many seek to vote for Clinton simply because of the fact that she is a woman and to have a female in the White House can only mean good things.

But, there are also those that are sworn to their beliefs and political values that may not jive with Clinton’s, for them, the choices get tough.

On the Democratic side there is the phenom, Senator Barack Obama, who is riding a wave after his landslide South Carolina primary win. With John Edwards dropping out of the race yesterday, on the democratic side, it’s now solely between Clinton and Obama.

John McCain rumblingOn the Republican side of the aisle, there is certainly a lack of diversity. But for people in that party, their excitement also reflects the democrats. From Governor Mitt Romney to Senator John McCain, no one running has anything to do with the current Bush administration and Republicans are thrilled about that fact heading into a Super Tuesday where the candidate in the party has not been anointed yet.

So as women head to the polls this Tuesday in almost half the nation’s primary, there are tough choices on many levels. The country, polls say, believes the nation is heading in the wrong direction. No matter where you look, both Republican and Democrat, the direction will be new.

But, for women, there is a wild card. On February 5 there is a problem. After years of thinking “if women ran the world, it would be a better place,” there is now a real opportunity to make that happen. Problem is, for many women, is that female candidate Hillary Clinton?


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