Aborigines receiving historic apology

February 12, 2008 |  by  |  World Headlines
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Historic apologyAs various countries have wrestled with the idea of issuing some sort of apology for the treatment of their indigenous peoples, the land Down Under will take that historic step. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is set to make that gesture when Australia’s parliament convenes February 13.

The Aborigines, who were enslaved and slaughtered before they were persecuted and segregated, will be one of the first native peoples in the Western world to receive the formal, yet not financially bearing in any way, ‘I’m sorry.’

Countless thousands of native peoples perished stomping out entire family trees in the process. Many mixed race Aborigines during that period were dragged from their homes and shipped to live with white families often times a thousand miles from home.

History has judged those victims to be called the ‘Stolen Generations.’

From the Apartheid ravaged South Africans to America’s own struggle with slavery, the apology, many believe, goes a long way in securing a forged future for all without racist baggage weighing down the journey.


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