Roger Clemens grilled by Congress

February 13, 2008 |  by  |  Breaking News, Sports
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Clemens couple in troubleLaunched by the Mitchell Report that cited over 90 major league baseball players for using steroids, Roger Clemens is currently in front of the United States Congress testifying under oath as to his involvement.

Many of the players named in the report have not been called before the legislative body. It seems the reason Clemens presence was requested is because of his very public denials from “60 Minutes” to ESPN News. Figuring he was willing to talk about it, Congress subpoenaed him to chat about it in person after putting his hand on a bible.

With his wife, Debbie, at his side, Clemens is currently the picture of stoicism as he testifies. In a conversation in question, he reported to the legislators that he was speaking about his wife’s growth hormones, not his own that he personally took.

Only two players participated in the Mitchell report which is why Congress has taken such a keen interest in getting athletes into the leather seats in front of them to answer to the questions they are ruining America’s pastime.

Fellow Yankee pitcher Andy Pettite himself is embroiled in this mess and early testimony from Clemens has been focused on Pettite and the trainer who has publicly said he injected both pitchers with steroids. Clemens earlier in his testimony said he was “shocked” that Pettite had taken the same growth hormones as his wife.

So far, Clemens has been repeated warned by Congressman Cummings of Maryland, that “Mr. Clemens, once again I remind you, you are under oath.”

Does not sound good so far for the person who has served as the game’s dominant pitcher for two decades.


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