Breaking News: U.S. Embassy in Serbia under attack

February 21, 2008 |  by  |  Breaking News
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Embassy being ambushed

In response to the United States’ recognition of the declaration of independence by Kosovo, Serbian protesters have taken to the streets of Belgrade.

The focus of their ire is the U.S. Embassy where the building is currently burning as flames shoot through windows sending embers into the sky. Tens of thousand of Serbs have thus far participated in the attack. It is unclear as of this moment the status of those Americans inside the compound, although early reports say the building appears it was closed for the evening.

Protesters have stormed into the Embassy and are setting it ablaze from inside.

The Wire will keep you posted as details emerge.

Editor’s update 5 p.m. EST:

One body has been found inside the Embassy, although U.S. officials are confirming that all U.S. personnell were not in the building.

Washington is furious with the Serbian police who took over 20 minutes to respond to the attack by the mob. This is by far worse, but is the second time this week the Embassy was violently approached by Serbian protesters. A U.S.-supported U.N. resolution condemning the attack easily went through at their New York headquarters.

Over 150 people thus far have been reported injured since the riots began. The crowds have also attacked Western banks and businesses since their meelee began earlier Thursday.


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