Score! A direct hit! Navy levels ailing satellite

February 21, 2008 |  by  |  Breaking News
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Satellite is toastIn the end, it was the perfect shot. Much as a pitcher has three strikes to send a batter packing, the U.S. military had three missiles ready to take out a falling satellite before it caused unforeseen destruction to human populations.

The Navy only needed that first pitch as the satellite with the toxic fuel payload is now incinerated over the earth’s atmosphere. If this had been a Hollywood movie, those first two would have missed forcing the commander of the Navy ship to seriously sweat his final shot.

But this is reality and the after the U.S. military spent billions of dollars on an anti-missile defense system, it’s nice to see that the thing works perfectly the first time. Because honestly, the next time the approaching menace may be far worse than a satellite.


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