Son’s tooth gives eyesight to father

February 28, 2008 |  by  |  Breaking News
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Thanks, son!In 2006, Robert McNichol, 57, went to work in Ireland never realizing that his son’s tooth two years later, would help restore his vision.

McNichol arrived at his waste recycling business that day and experienced an accident that left him completely blind. All of his doctors told him the same thing: ‘you will never see again.’

McNichol refused to believe that in this day and age, there was no technology out there to restore vision. McNichol percevered and found the science he was seeking.

A procedure entitled OOKP, is what the blind man found to aid in his effort to see once again. The only thing he needed was a tooth.

The surgical procedure places a man-made lens within the eye that has returned sight to those who cannot see, with a catch. The only material scientists have found that hold the lens in place is that carved from a human tooth.

Enter Robert Jnr, 23, who volunteered one of his for his father, McNichol. The surgery at Sussex Eye Hospital in Brighton took several months to complete and although McNichol won’t completely regain his sight, doctors and confident some vision will return.

Many of us would give our left arm for a parent, a tooth…no brainer!


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