Couple’s half-century love affair started on Sadie Hawkins Day

February 29, 2008 |  by  |  Lifestyle
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One man's yes leads to 50 years of loveHappy Sadie Hawkins Day!

Although in this age of girls asking guys out it may seem outdated, there was a time when one day a year, the guys that were too nervous to ask were the ones being asked. For a San Diego couple, it launched a lifetime of love.

Marilyn Borawski witnessed her future husband walking across a Burbank, California baseball field in 1956. It was a game sponsored by her Catholic youth club. “A bunch of us girls were sitting under a tree, and this guy walked across the field. I’d never seen him before. I thought ‘gosh’…and I said to the girls ‘that guy looks pretty good,’” Marilyn remembered. “But, it was more that I felt I knew him. It was some sort of connection.”

They had a first date, and its origin bucked tradition thanks to Sadie Hawkins. “I asked him to go,” Marilyn said and laughed. “He said he had never heard of Sadie Hawkins before and had to think about it.”

John, to this day after 50 years of marriage, insists he did not mean to give Marilyn the wrong impression. “She thought it was a blow off as they call if today,” he said. “To this day she still gives me a hard time about it.”

History has more than proven John’s affection for Marilyn. “Finally he got back to me after he found out what a Sadie Hawkins dance was and that was our first formal date,” she said.

John immediately felt a connection himself dancing with Marilyn that evening. “That’s what it was,” he said. “We just kind of cooked.”


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