Suspicious material found in Vegas could be Ricin

February 29, 2008 |  by  |  Lifestyle
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Ricin in VegasIn a scene that could have played out like an episode of “24,” police in Las Vegas are saying that the toxin Ricin may be the mysterious substance found in a hotel yesterday.

FBI agents swarmed the Extended Stay America Hotel Thursday to secure a suspicious package the hotel manager had received. Early tests showed the deadly toxin to be in the package, but authorities are slow to believe this is part of a terrorist attack.

The hotel manager had received the package from a guest who said he had found it in his room. Las Vegas police Capt. Joseph Lombardo spoke at a news conference late Thursday.

“Ricin has no medical uses other than cancer research,” Lombardo said. “An individual citizen other than being involved in cancer research or cancer prevention would not have any legal means or proper means of having that.”

Early reports have three hospital employees and one guest being taken to local hospitals for testing and preventive procedures. Three police officers were also taken to emergency rooms.

The motel is merely blocks from the Las Vegas Strip.


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