Australian publication responsible for Harry’s blown cover

March 1, 2008 |  by  |  Entertainment, World Headlines
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Harry's BackIn an interesting twist to the Prince Harry serving in Afghanistan story, the American publication that had been sited as releasing the top-secret story is actually from Down Under.

As news broke around the world that Britain’s third in line for the throne had already made his way home from the war torn land because of the story, all indications had pointed to an unnamed American online publication. News arose late yesterday that, in fact, it was Australia’s New Idea that had broke the story ending Harry’s front line service.

It was the American Drudge Report that was the first stateside publication to run the story and after it appeared on Matt Drudge’s with its enormous font announcing Harry’s whereabouts to American media, British military officials went into action and pulled the prince out.

Still remarkable is the fact that the notorious British press managed to keep a secret for 10 weeks. Even though Harry expressed (misinformed) words about the U.K. media, they were the ones who served as the ones who took the high road in this whole affair.


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