Supermodel Katoucha found dead in Paris river

March 1, 2008 |  by  |  Entertainment, World Headlines
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Katoucha found dead in ParisKatoucha Niane, who had become widely known as the first African-born model to wear the title ‘supermodel,’ was found dead yesterday in Paris.

Early signs show no signs of a homicide, but investigators are still leaving that option open. The 47-year-old model was discovered near the Garigliano bridge in the City of Lights. Because of those early indications of no foul play, police say the early cause of death is likely an accidental fall from the bridge into the river.

Katoucha, as she was solely known, had not been seen since January. Katoucha lived on a houseboat nearby and her handbag was discovered still in her abode further confirming the accidental death theory.

Born in Guinea, she left her African continent and moved to Europe at 17 with dreams of conquering the world of high fashion. She wrote a book chronicling her life experiences, “Katoucha, In My Flesh,” in 2007 describing the supermodel scene as one of drugs, drink and sex and one she rose above to help change the world.

Widely seen as the Angelina Jolie of modeling, Katoucha dedicated her fame to spotlighting those less fortunate around the globe. She will be missed.


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