Jet’s almost crash landing caught on video

March 3, 2008 |  by  |  Lifestyle, World Headlines
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As storm “Emma” blew across Germany with windspeeds of over 75mph, Lufthansa flight LH44 from Munich to Hamburg was nearly blown off the runway — and its left wing actually struck the ground. The pilot managed to get the plane back up into the air, and the plane landed safely about 15 minutes later.

Onboard were 137 very freaked out and — ultimately — very grateful people.

Watch the crazy almost-landing here:

Hamburg is in the very north of Germany, just below Denmark. Munich is about 480 miles south.


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  1. That is crazy! I got chills… My question though is who got this on film? I always wonder about freak things like this and who was the person standing there that caught it on film…. such a mystery… But it’s good to know nothing serious happened.

  2. Scaaaarrryyyy! Can’t imagine the 15 minutes flying around before landing again were any fun at all…

  3. Maybe the airport has their film act on-lights camera Scene I Runway 10

  4. HMMM, Pilot error, exceding the allowed crosswind component speeds.

    although they pulled it out of their rears….someone should be losing their job.

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