Man gets shot to avoid work

March 4, 2008 |  by  |  Lifestyle
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A way out of work?Now it is difficult at times to muster the energy to clock in for that daily grind. But a bullet hole through the shoulder to avoid the office, now that may be extreme.

For Daniel Kuch of Pasco, Washington that is exactly what he did to avoid going to work and now authorities are filing charges.

Kuch’s friend, Kurtis Johnson, is currently being charged with reckless endangerment for taking a gun, pointing it at Kuch’s shoulder and pulling the trigger. When the police arrived to talk to Kuch, he reported he had been a victim of a drive-by shooting…in rural Washington.

Police are not saying what Kuch did for a living or even if he still has a job. But they are admitting that Kuch said while being taken into custody that this was an extreme way to get out of a drug test.

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