Streaker gets his at Cricket match

March 6, 2008 |  by  |  Sports, World Headlines
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You got to give it to those Australians. You’d think they invented the streak. From every conceivable professional sporting event Down Under, someone has ran across the field naked.

Now here is the latest to undertake that selfless task of showing off one’s wares to the world. At the Brisbane court, Robert Murray David Ogilvie was fined $1500 for his run in front of 80,000 people and the broadcast audience at home. Of the incident, Oglivie said, “It’s just something I had to do.”

The lucky fielder who leveled Ogilvie, batsman Andrew Symonds, says he too had something to do…knocking Oglivie on his bum.

Note as the Australian play-by-play announcer tries to determine of our streaker is a boy or a girl.

“It’s a boy,” he announces as if he’s presenting a newborn.


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