Geraldine Ferraro’s comments causing a fury

March 12, 2008 |  by  |  Breaking News
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Ferraro's FuryGeraldine Ferraro has largely not been heard from in the political world since she made history as the first female Vice Presidential nominee. Ferraro is back in the headlines in a big way.

In this political year to beat all political eras, Ferraro was visiting ABC’s “Good Morning America” yesterday seeking to calm the storm she created with a Friday interview published in Torrance, California’s The Daily Breeze. Instead, her Obama-bashing continued.

Ferraro said she was tired of the hypocrisy that every time someone wages a complaint against Obama, they were labeled ‘racist.’ Her other opinion, the one that began this furor, was her belief that Obama would not be where he is at this moment in history without the color of his skin.

Most politicians would back away from comments such as those, but not Ferraro. Tuesday night she added to the fury with her comments for The Daily Breeze. She had sought to diffuse the situation in the publication that originally published her comments in a March 7 interview. She has made it much worse.

“Racism works in two different directions,” she told the newspaper. “I really think they’re attacking me because I’m white. How’s that?”

…and this is the sentiment from a revered member of a party sporting two historic candidates for President.


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