Will Spitzer call-girl turn her 15 into a singing career?

March 14, 2008 |  by  |  Breaking News
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Spitzer's singing girlAs the now ex-Governor of New York adjusts to life without a state police escort, the woman at the center of his prostitution ring scandal may have herself a singing career.

Until recently only known as “Kristen,” Ashley Alexandra Dupre has a MySpace page with her music playing throughout. Her song “What We Want” has received almost 2.9 million hits. It seems the 22-year-old had produced a few demos to no avail and when it seemed her singing career was going nowhere, she took up high-price prostitution.

The recent Mayflower Hotel visit with Eliot Spitzer was not her only meeting with the former Governor and Attorney General who made his name busting rings like the one he is alleged to be involved with.

Knowing how the celebrity machine works, seeing Dupre’s name on the pop charts in the next 18 months hardly seems a stretch. She may even hit number one – she is on Yahoo’s top internet search list.


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