Marine and Iraq dog reunited in California

March 24, 2008 |  by  |  Breaking News
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Iraq in the rearview, Nubs and Major Dennis reuniteNubs the dog has had a remarkable journey from the sands of Iraq to the beaches of San Diego. As The Wire previous reported, Nubs’ fate mirrors hundreds of other dogs adopted by Iraq veterans. Many “adopted” their Marine.

On Sunday, Nubs’ was reunited with the man he tracked down 65 miles in Iraq. Landing on a Camp Pendleton air strip north of San Diego, Major Brian Dennis had more than well-wishers awaiting his arrival. The German Shephard-Border Collie mix was a stray in Iraq that lived off of Dennis’ unit’s scraps. When the animal returned with its ears severed off, the Marine took to him and Dennis’ commrades named him Nubs.

Nubs arrived in San Diego over a month ago and Dennis returned Sunday from his seven-month tour in Iraq as a fighter pilot. At first hesitant, Nubs took a deep sniff of the man approaching him in full desert fatigues…and completely engulfed him with love.

Covering him with kisses, Nubs and Dennis have a special bond. When Dennis’ unit was moved 65 miles away from where they had met Nubs, the dog followed. Nubs arrived thirsty, yet relieved. Those same looks of unconditional love were displayed as soldier and dog was reunited.


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