Third graders involved in plot to hurt teacher

April 1, 2008 |  by  |  Breaking News
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More than an applie for a GA teacherThat headline is correct — third-graders were held today by police in Georgia for a plot to seriously harm their teacher.

The children arrived at school carrying a knife, handcuffs and duct tape ready to abduct and allegedly torture their instructor. The shocking story arrives out of Waycross, Georgia, Tuesday with local residents and national news station both reporting shock.

Involving as many as nine boys and girls, the Center Elementary School was the scene today for a half-dozen police cars descending on the school in what witnesses thought initially was a school shooting.

Police were clued into the planned attack on Friday by another student and were ready for the students involved when they arrived today at school.

Officials said that the children planned to abudct the instructor, knock her out with a paperweight and then stab her with the knife. They did not intend to kill her, so they say, but that statement does not seem to be influencing any police investigating the threat.

The nine students have been reunited with their parents and many have been placed on long-term suspension while the police continue their investigation.


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  1. Ooooh, not long term suspension. Have we not learned that children in America are not afraid of long term suspension? That’s a vacation for them, especially when parents are trying to hard to be their friends and not parents, or are afraid of discplining their children in fear of Human services being called. American laws have given children way to much power, and here is just a small result. If we still had paddling at schools, I truly believe we would not have as much defiance in schools today. But hey, keep suspending, we’ll then just have more of a drop out rate. Good Idea!!

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