Heathrow terminal opening a nightmare

April 4, 2008 |  by  |  Breaking News
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Heathrow hassles continueLondon’s Heathrow Airport has a new terminal, and it was supposed to be a shining moment. Instead it has been a nightmare.

London’s most traveled airport has been making headlines all week, culminating in last night’s arrest of Naomi Campbell. ‘T5′ as the locals are calling it, opened to an eager public only to be disappointed by delays, luggage losses (including that of singer Calvin Harris, whose brand new album was in his bag), and uncountable total hours of delays to thousands.

British Airways, the airline behind T5, is blaming the newness of anything this large, when it’s finally operational, as the source of their ills.

“Problems developed that were not encountered during the extensive trials. There were problems in car parks, airport areas, computer glitches and the baggage system,” CEO of British Airlines, Willie Walsh said.

That pretty much sounds like everything that is needed to make a terminal operate efficiently. Outside experts have blamed the problem squarely on staffing.


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