Hillary’s top strategist quits the campaign

April 7, 2008 |  by  |  Breaking News
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Hillary's campaign in troubleWhile Hillary Clinton is fighting for her political life, the architect of her resurgence in the polls has resigned.

Mark Penn, who has come under fire of late, is considered by many to be the man behind the Democratic race who is getting nasty. It was Penn who used the “kitchen sink” strategy before the Texas and Ohio primaries to sink Clinton’s rival, Barack Obama. But what appears to have sunk him were his meetings last week with the Colombian government over free trade agreements that Clinton is completely against.

Democrats across the nation are calling for the party to be unified as John McCain is allowed to act presidentially unchecked by the opposite party. That sentiment seems to have proliferated into the higher echelons of the Clinton campaign.

Both Hillary and Bill have said they will not back out of the race before every primary is held, promising to take the contest to the convention. “Not big on quitting” was a recent email sent out by the former President that truly came from Mark Penn’s desk.

What his resignation means to Clinton’s campaign merely weeks before the giant Pennsylvania primary, is anyones guess at this point.


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