Olympic torch met with protests in London and Paris

April 7, 2008 |  by  |  Breaking News
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The torch is tenuousCarrying the Olympic torch is supposed to be a once in a lifetime experience. With the 2008 summer Olympics fast approaching, the Chinese hosts are finding the world is not so thrilled with their hosting.

On three separate occasions the Olympic torch was extinguished Sunday as it was held running through the British capital. Protesters had approached the torch’s initial lighting in Greece with protests over China’s treatment of Tibet. The swell of anger in response to the Chinese government’s treatment of protesting monks in that country is growing daily.

The torch’s arrival in Paris today was met with the same anti-Chinese fervor.

It appears China’s Olympics have a real problem on their hands. The torch has been met with protests every single site where it has been illuminated. Normally, this is a world-unifying moment that lasts through the summer every four years.


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