Olympic torch met with protests in San Francisco

April 9, 2008 |  by  |  Breaking News
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Free Tibet says San FranciscoExactly as it was expected to be, the only city in America to receive the Olympic torch greeted it with protest and anger.

Mirroring recent outpouring of support for Tibet and against Chinese heavy-handed human rights offenses in Greece, London and Paris, the people of the birthplace of the hippie nation responded as predicted in San Francisco Wednesday.

With every single San Francisco Police Department officer on duty, the flame’s route had to be changed several times because of threats or perceived potential threats of certain areas. The torch did make it to its destination, yet thousands were left without a sight of the Olympic symbol as their areas were selected for torch diversion.

A few days ago protesters hung signs on the Golden Gate Bridge asking to “Free Tibet” in anticipation of Wednesday’s torch relay. An incredible honor for anyone holding the torch, this year with the controversy of the China Olympics, the run to Beijing has been anything but normal.


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  1. If China is so wonderful why are so many Chinese people living in not only San Francisco but the rest of America! China is NOT a remotely fair country and is HELD by nothing but a dictator! We, as Americans should NOT give them FREE TRADE privileges until they show/become a free country. Tibet wants it freedom – show the rest of the free world that China is free of the communistic party. OR, are they planning on building up the money from the Olympics and return it to the rest of the world as Hitler did after they had the Olympics? Only time will tell.

  2. Penny,
    I feel sorry for your ignorance. You probably have only lived in one place for your whole life. If you are born in NJ and then work in CA, can I say you move to CA because NJ is hell. Don’t forget your ancestors are immigrants from Europe, is Europe hell that forced your ancestors to come to US? There are more than 100 thousand americans live and work in China too.

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