Hillary Clinton wins Pennsylvania by ten points

April 23, 2008 |  by  |  Breaking News
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Hillary wins bigIn the end, it was a foregone conclusion. Hillary Clinton won Pennsylvania Tuesday by almost 10 points with both sides spinning the primary for their own campaign needs.

Barack Obama took the loss in stride, addressing supporters in Indiana – the site of the next primary. Obama said that after being down 20-plus points in Pennsylvania, to cut Hillary’s lead in half is a milestone. What is worrisome to some Democrats is that Obama failed to win the white working-class vote in rural Pennsylvania. Obama’s camp insists that for every one of those votes that may go to John McCain in a general election, they win over Republicans yearning for change. It is a good argument.

Clinton was elated yesterday and immediately her campaign got a massive influx of cash. Much needed, Obama has enough money to outspend Clinton for the rest of the campaign almost four to one.


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