San Diego shark attack captivates the world

April 28, 2008 |  by  |  Breaking News
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The shark attack scene from aboveIt was a surreal scene. A beach normally packed with swimmers and surfers was desolate. Friday morning, a local favorite, David Martin, 66, was training with the San Diego Triathlete Club in the waters off of Solana Beach. He died after being attacked by a Great White Shark.

After The Wire took to the air in the photo at right, it is easy to see how calm the area of the attack is after the beach has been cleared. The ocean was off-limits to swimmers and surfers over the weekend, but it didn’t stop those dedicated San Diego surfers who still waded into the water all weekend.

This is the first recorded shark attack in San Diego county since 1994 when a college student’s body was found off of Sunset Cliffs where the cause of death was deemed to be shark attack. Prior to that, the only documented shark attack in San Diego waters was back in 1959.

Anyone who frequents these waters is a little stunned this Monday. The questions of when, not if, are surrounding people’s thoughts about when to return to the Pacific. We all know that shark attacks are rare, but it doesn’t remove the thought that just because it’s rare, doesn’t mean it won’t happen again.

Taking to the air and by boat, officials scanned an eight-mile stretch of beach for three days searching for the Great White. There was no sign of the enormous creature that experts, after examining the victim’s wounds, said was easily a 17-foot long Great White Shark.

The scene in Solana Beach, a seaside community of only 13,000, was one of shock over the weekend. Whether in coffee shops or along the shoreline, the sentiment was one that it was a terrible tragedy, but in typical So Cal fashion, we all are taking comfort in the fact that Martin died doing what he loved.


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