US kids taking six times the meds as UK kids

May 5, 2008 |  by  |  Breaking News
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Too many meds?A U.K. study released today has found that American children are prescribed anti-psychotic medicines at six-times the rate of kids in Britain.

At a time where psychiatrists and parents are both wondering about the over-medicated situation of our children, this report should certainly further the debate.

Many experts believe that this study is pointless because of the fact that prescription rates for these drugs are up on both sides of the Atlantic. If any study needs to be undertaken, these experts argue, it is one to focus on the long term affects of the anti-psychotic drugs for ADD and other ailments.

On the list of the most used drugs are those utilized to treat autism and hyperactivity. The study covered over 500 children and began in 1992 through the University of London’s pharmacy school.

In a stark disparity, a U.S. study released last year had found that the numbers for American children taking these medications actually has increased at a much lower rate that the ones reported in the U.K. study. The U.S. study concluded when comparing years 1996 and 2001 that yes, the numbers have doubled, but not at the six times-rate that U.K. doctors are claiming.

In 2001, it was determined that 45 U.S. kids out of every 10,000 were prescribed anti-psychotic medications compared to in 1996 where that ratio was 23 per 10,000.

The entire study can be found in the May edition of the journal Pediatrics.


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