Obama wins NC as Clinton barely takes Indiana

May 7, 2008 |  by  |  Breaking News
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Barack wins a big oneAs the primary race for the Democrats has gotten nastier, each contest becomes even more vital.

Tuesday saw Indiana and North Carolina take its turn in this Ferris wheel of a primary season for the Democrats. As Barack Obama mentioned in his victory speech from North Carolina, this is a campaign that, thus far, has lasted 15 months.

Obama had to be thrilled with his winning by double-digits in Tuesday’s North Carolina primary. If Hillary Clinton was to stay in the race, experts felt, she needed to make that state close. It wasn’t.

Clinton meanwhile was basking in the glow of an approximate 30,000-vote victory in the Hoosier state. Although pundits from across the networks thought she may actually withdraw from the race today, Clinton showed up at an event in West Virginia that was supposed to feature her daughter, Chelsea.

Mrs. Clinton’s entire schedule had been cancelled as of late last night. Many felt that by her cancelling her entire media interview schedule for Wednesday, it meant Clinton was leaving the race.

Where it goes from here is simple…West Virginia where the Mountaineers will determine what’s next.


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