Clinton delegate lead evaporates

May 10, 2008 |  by  |  Breaking News
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Barack, say hello to the nominationSenator Hillary Clinton saw her delegate lead lower to two votes Friday as the defection to Senator Barack Obama continues.

Rep. Ciro Rodriguez of Texas announced his support for Clinton yesterday, but it was the only plus in the campaign’s pocket on this day. The Senator from Illinois who leads in voted delegates thus far, picked up two more delegates yesterday from the Virgin Island delegation.

A late addition superdelegate, Krisi Cumming of Utah, announced late yesterday that she was supporting Obama as well.

This is how it has been for Clinton since Obama’s convincing victory in North Carolina coupled with Clinton’s barely-there win in Indiana on Tuesday. Wednesday began to call into question whether Clinton legitimately had any more shot at the nomination and the flood gates opened.

The once triple digit lead Clinton had over Obama is gone. With only three weeks remaining in the Democratic primary season, it looks like America will not see its first female president, but may see its first African-American.


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