Clinton routs Obama in West Virginia

May 14, 2008 |  by  |  Breaking News
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Hillary has reason to smileMany expected it would be a landslide, but the magnitude of that landslide was immense.

The West Virginia Democratic primary was held yesterday and Senator Hillary Clinton won by over 30 points. Rival Senator Barack Obama was not even in West Virginia yesterday knowing that losing would be a foregone conclusion.

From Missouri (a state he already won), Obama wished Clinton well and even hinted that the upcoming contest in Kentucky on Tuesday will also be a blowout.

Obama forged on and acted like a candidate who has already sewn up the nomination. Many believe, he has.

One of those who don’t share that opinion is Clinton. She vowed to go on in the Democratic contest all the way to the last primary that is held in June. Then what…is anyone’s guess.


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