Thousands of athletes tested their limits at Ironman Louisville

August 30, 2010 |  by  |  Lifestyle, Sports
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LOUISVILLE, KY: Everyone loves a good competition and that’s exactly what the fans got yesterday at the Ironman Louisville triathlon. As one of the most difficult races known to man, an Ironman triathlon is not only a test of endurance but also one’s will. Consisting of three segments, the athletes start by swimming 2.4 miles, then bike 112 miles and finish up by running a full marathon. Nearly 3,000 athletes competed in Sunday’s race which kicked off at 7am and many of them did not finish until long after sunset.

Friends and family lined the roads in hopes of giving their favorite athlete some much needed encouragement. Athletes whizzed by one after the other and the crowd looked on in amazement and awe. After passing the crowds, the race becomes more of a mental challenge and athletes must continue on their journey forcing mind over matter to take over. Hours later the triumph at the finish line makes all the pain, tears and countless hours of training worth it.

The men’s champion was Paul Ambrose and Rebekah Keat was the women’s champion. Ambrose commented on winning and said, “It’s an unreal moment — something you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Not many opportunities like that in your life you get to remember.”

Here are some fun facts about Ironman competitors. Did you know the average annual income is $161,000 and ninety-five percent have a post secondary education? Also, the gender ratio is 70% male to 30% female and the average age of the competitors is 37.

Sunday’s race marked the fourth consecutive year for the Ironman triathlon in Louisville, Kentucky.


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