Attempted Murder Trial For Former Actor Shelley Malil to Begin

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Shelley Malil Murder TrialWaazzzzzup? For Shelley Malil, the answer to that question may be “A lot of jail time.”

The former actor who appeared in such Oscar caliber productions like the “What are you doing?” Anheuser-Busch commericals (which were in reaction to the popular Bud Lite “Wazzzup” commercials) and a stint in the 40-Year-Old Virgin, is set to begin an attempted murder trial for the stabbing of his ex lover.

Malil has been in jail since he brutally stabbed Kendra Beebe in her San Marcos home. Malil was apparently all jealous of whatever she was doing and figured stabbing her in the back while she was hanging with her friend drinking some wine on the patio was a good way to win her back.

Thankfully, Beebe didn’t die, but came within a few inches of losing her life while her children slept inside the home and friends and neighbors rushed to her aid.

Beebe suffered at least 23 stab wounds, including some so deep that her lung collapsed, according to Dr. Thomas Velky, the trauma surgeon who operated on Beebe.

Taking the stand at Malil’s preliminary hearing in February 2009, Velky said another of Beebe’s wounds came within an eighth of an inch of her carotid artery, the main artery in her neck. Via North County Times

While not well known, Malil did have a few minor roles in the aforementioned tv spots and alongside Steve Carell.  He also had pedigree, attending the American Academy of the Dramatic Arts, a school with alumni such as Adrian Brody and Lauren Bacall.

Apparently, Malil was incensed over something which led to his stabbing of Beebe, who he had met thorugh an online dating service a few years back.

He totally faces life in prison and forever being known was “that guy in that commercial that was ripped off from that other commercial that we kinda almost liked.”


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