Baltimore Public Schools Close Due To Heat

September 1, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News
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Baltimore Public Schools HeatWas Al Gore right?

Unless you’re living in North Dakota (where the weather is beautiful this time of year I hear) it’s hot outside all over. It’s Indian Summer hot. It’s Endless Summer hot. It’s all of those hots rolled into one big box of hot and Baltimore’s Public School officials aren’t about to see how long their students can sit at a desk before turning into raisins.

“We have a number of our schools that are not air conditioned; in the classrooms particularly,” said (Public School Spokesman) Charles Herndon. “The combination of both the heat and the humidity made for a rather distractingly uncomfortable conditions in some of the classrooms.”

There are 173 schools in Baltimore County, of which Herndon estimates 50 to 60 are not fully air-conditioned. Via Lutherville-TimoniumPatch

When do they reach this decision? When kids are not able to take tests because their ink is running from the sweat dripping off their foreheads? When gym class turned into a triage for heat exhaustion victims?

Either way, it’s probably the right move.

It seems as though the children of the 1920s – 1950s, with their stories of walking up-hill, both ways, in two feet of snow in order to get to school may be trumped by today’s generation of kids who need backpacks with built-in fans just to function.

The heat is so bad, in fact, that the school system has partnered with weather services to receive updates to make decisions such as this.

At least the kids will be able to look back and tell their grandkids how they used to have to sidestep eggs cooking on the sidewalk, spontaneous human combustion and and third degree burns while walking home from school.


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