Patriot’s Rookie Brandon Spikes Has a “Sex Tape”

September 1, 2010 |  by  |  Sports
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Who is Brandon Spikes?

Who cares? He has a sex tape. Mix that with one part “NFL Player” and you have instant stardom.

Nevermind that he’s a second round draft pick for the New England Patriots who has done little or nothing this preseason to warrant any sort of fame outside of a regional used car commercial, he has a SEX TAPE.

Well, kinda. Turns out Spikes was fooling around on the voyeuristically popular video chat website Chatroulette where he knowingly or unknowingly was getting it on with a female friend of his.

The Internet, it turns out, isn’t the best place to keep secrets, especially naked ones. The NFL has launched an investigation into whether or not Spikes can be fined under the player conduct policy for engaging in some online shenanigans.

Spikes or his agent, or someone representing both of them, said the sex tape was made during his time at the University of Florida and, thus, wouldn’t be held against as far as the NFL is concerned.

Surprisingly enough, Kim Kardashian was NOT involved in said tape, which could have easily made it something worth watching, or at least worth talking about.

But, hey, if you’re into relatively unknown¬†pseudo celebrities and their taped coitus, you’re probably better off talking to Laurence Fishburne’s daughter.


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