Another Oil Rig has Exploded

September 2, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News
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So, they plugged up the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill site just in time to have another offshore oil rig platform go up in flames.

The trend here seems to be a bit disconcerting.

Thankfully, no one involved in this most recent disaster has been reported killed.

All 13 members of the work crew on board Thursday were accounted for, the Coast Guard said, though the injured worker’s condition was not immediately known. The crew were pulled from the water by a civilian boat that had been in the area, the Crystal Clear, and taken to a nearby rig, Coast Guard officials said. Via The New York Times

Sure, we need oil, but is it worth these types of oil explosion events happening every few months?

Sure, BP’s Deepwater Horizon fiasco was pretty much unprecedented in terms of scope, coverage and sad pictures of birds covered in oil from the oil rig disaster, but who is to say this won’t be worse?

In any event, at least Obama has some experience dealing with this sort of thing now.



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