Apple announcement left something to be desired

September 2, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News
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Just about everyone owns an Apple product, so it is no wonder our ears perked up when there was talk of an Apple announcement September 1. Bloggers and tech experts speculated on what Apple CEO Steve Jobs would announce on Wednesday and many of them were right. Apple is updating their iPod line, debuting a new operating system iOS 4.1 and putting the spotlight on the new Apple TV which will make popular TV shows on ABC and Fox Networks available for 99 cents. The new Apple TV, which will hit the shelves in four weeks, is under $100 and will only stream content, as it does not have an internal storage device. They’ve also teamed up with Netflix to stream films.

Steve Jobs went on to unveil a new social networking service called Ping that will only be available through iTunes. Users can create a profile, follow others and exchange musical preferences with other users. He says, “It’s like Facebook and Twitter meets iTunes. It’s a social network all about music.”

Now wait one minute. Although Apple is synonymous with cool, do we really need another social networking site? Do iPods need to get any more streamlined? Is the Apple TV that revolutionary? There are so many ways to watch TV shows and stream movies that the Apple TV doesn’t sound all that enticing. Overall, the Apple announcement was a letdown and even a tad dull. It would have been great if Steve Jobs announced something more relevant such as iPhones becoming available on Verizon or maybe the addition of a camera on the second generation iPads. But no such luck today, folks. I guess we’ll just have to wait until the next Apple announcement for something more substantial.


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