It’s 9/02/10 Day! How to celebrate 90210 Day

September 2, 2010 |  by  |  Entertainment, Lifestyle
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Numbers are fun.

Especially when they are in date format like when it’s 10/10/10 everybody is going to FREAK out and think something bad is going to happen. I mean, can you imagine what it’s going to be like on 11/11/11? OMGosh the world might even explode.

Until those dates come about, however, we’ll have to settle with 9/02/10, today, which means you’ll have to get some stonewashed jeans, fun mullets and some neon something.

How to celebrate this historic holiday?

We have a few suggestions:

1. Change your name to Dylan and try to act like James Dean, but without any sort of acting talent whatsoever.

2. Be about 15 years older than a high school kid, then pretend you’re a high school kid. On TV.

3. Have at least one abortion scare, a family member in a car wreck, a gun shooting at school, two or three relationship breakups and make fun of the new kid all in one week.

4. Single handedly bring back Hypercolor T-shirts.

5. Hang out at the Peach Pit, where there are no peaches or pits, hmm… (discuss amongst yourselves)

Or, just watch something else that’s on TV, just sayin.


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  1. I’m going to my first born Brenda Peach Pitt McKay.

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