Typhoon Kompasu causes major disruptions in S.Korea

September 2, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News
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Typhoon Kompasu touched down in central South Korea early Thursday after passing over China and has caused all kinds of problems. Between dozens of cancelled flights, closed schools and power outages, the typhoon has managed to wreak havoc on the Seoul metropolitan area.

Typhoon Kompasu was the strongest typhoon to hit the region in 15 years and extensive damage has been reported. Because of the power outages from the storm, most of the above ground subway lines in Seoul were out of service making the morning commute a bit of a nightmare. Debris covered the streets of Seoul.

In addition, all Thursday flights before 9am at Gimpo International Airport flights in Seoul were cancelled, officials said. Over 40 flights into the nearby Incheon International Airport have been diverted or cancelled as well. The airlines most affected by this paralyzing storm are Korean Air Lines Co. and Asiana Airlines Inc.

At this time, the Korean government has over 14,000 emergency workers in place keeping an eye on the storm. As of Thursday morning, three deaths had been reported by The National Emergency Management Agency. Fortunately, the Seoul stock market was not affected by the storm.


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