Acid attack victim Bethany Storro speaks out about attack

September 3, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News
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VANCOUVER, WA: A bizarre acid attack earlier this week has taken over media outlets in Vancouver, Washington as authorities continue to search for the attacker. Bethany Storro spoke out Thursday about the horrifying ordeal.

It all started when she got out of her car in an upscale neighborhood on the way to Starbuck’s. A stranger, an African American woman in her 20′s, approached the victim out of nowhere and engaged her in conversation. She said, “Hey, pretty girl, do you want a drink of this?” and proceeded to throw acid onto Storro’s face. She may be disfigured for life.

Storro recounts the incident and says, “It was the most painful thing ever. My heart stopped, I almost passed out.” She fell to the ground and could actually hear her skin burning. Storro told reports, “It ripped through my clothes the instant it touched my shirt.”

Luckily, Storro had just purchased a pair of sunglasses which spared her eyelids in the attack. Her mom says she never wears sunglasses but they may have saved her from permanently losing her sight. Surprisingly, Bethany Storro’s spirits remain high as she heals from the attack. She commented, “I have
an amazing family and friends who love me, and I’m blessed.”

If you can provide any information about this attack, please call Detective Wally Stefan at 360-487-7425.


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