Puppy Throwing Girl Identified in Bosnia

September 3, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News
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This post needs a disclaimer: If you are adverse to any sort of animal cruelty you’ll either want to read it or really won’t.

Earlier this week a video surfaced in which a young woman is seen throwing puppies into a river. That’s right, little puppies.

You can view the video here if so inclined.

Showing no remorse and only a glimpse of her face, she continued to throw the helpless puppies until the bucket that held them was empty.

So, who comes to the rescue? 4Chan of course.  The /b/ forum on the popular website has been notorious for its users engaging in much less scrupulous behavior, such as terrorizing people who intimidate them. The forum, as of late, has been a bevy of Internet vigilantism.

Firstly, board members identified a woman who trapped a cat in a garbage bin and now they have helped, or at least pushed authorities, into identifying the woman, who will face punishment.

Police in Bosnia say they believe they have located a young woman shown in a video throwing puppies into a river.

Police in the central Bosnian town of Bugojno say they have found the girl they suspect is seen on the video killing six newborn puppies by throwing them into the river one by one.

The disturbing video provoked worldwide outrage after being posted online earlier this week.

Police say they have located the girl, who is a juvenile, from leads given by animal protection groups in the country.

The girl’s parents will soon be questioned, police said. Under recently adopted animal protection law, people can be fined up to €5,000 ($6,400) for cruel treatment of animals. Via AP

It seems like only yesterday when you could post whatever you wanted on the internet and it would remain pretty much anonymous.

Thankfully, that time seems to be up and those who seek to get some sort of pleasure out of not only engaging in these acts, but posting them for all to see, are going to have to think twice.


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