Smoking Baby Kicks The Habit!

September 3, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News, Lifestyle
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The fact that this is actual news and not some satirical spoof on is truly astounding.  Everyone remembers the 2 pack a day Smoking Baby, Ardi Rizal, from Indonesia, right?  He drew worldwide attention and fame (future realty show star, me thinks?) when a video popped up of his cherubic little face puffing away on a cigarette like he was Don Draper from “Mad Men.”

Naturally, the entire world* was appalled and experts jumped in to save this little boy from his nasty habit.  He was placed in a 30-day rehab where he underwent intensive therapy that helped him choose positive activities like choosing playtime over smoking.

I’m sorry – when did this kid’s mom think that smoking was a better activity than playing Peek-A-Boo?  Maybe this new, more active lifestyle will help tone up those chubby little cheeks of his, too.

Hopefully the little guy will stay off the nicotine.  Sources say that his brain has already shrunk from the repeated exposure to cigarette smoke and that he may have other health problems later in life.

P.S.  It’s funny to think that this kid has NO IDEA how famous he is.  I wonder if his mom is keeping a scrapbook.

*Baby’s mother not included.


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