New Fall TV Lineup Looking Better Than Ever

September 6, 2010 |  by  |  Entertainment
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I'm Too Hot To Need A Last Name.

Now that summer’s (sadly) officially over, it’s time to glue that remote back in your hand because TV is back, baby!  Along with superb shows like the Showtime’s Dexter, NBC’s Parenthood and of course, Fox’s Glee, you can expect some super fine prime time TV watchin’ this fall with some brand spankin’ new shows.

According to the editors over at TV Guide, the TOP TEN NEW FALL SHOWS YOU MUST WATCH this season are:

10.  The Defenders – Jim Belushi and Jerry O’Connell, no longer the fat kid from Stand By Me, play colorful Las Vegas defense attorneys who risk it all for their clients in this Boston Lega-esque dramedy.

9. Better with You – Two very different sisters, Maddie, a high-strung attorney whose been dating the same man for 9 years, and Mia, a free-spirited “inventor,” engage in all sort of shenanigans after Mia announces her engagement to her boyfriend of seven-and-a-half weeks.

8. Boardwalk Empire – In HBO‘s version of an old timey Soprano’s, Steve Buscemi stars as Enoch “Nucky” Thompson, a corrupt politician in 1920s Atlantic City.  One of the shows executive producers is Terence Winter from The Sopranos, natch, and to make it cooler, Martin Scorsese directed the pilot.  Definitely some big guns there.

7. Body of ProofDana Delany plays a medical examiner in Philadelphia, where she helps cops solve murders by “reading the body.”  Whatever that means.

6. Raising Hope – A dude becomes a single dad at 23 when a one-night stand announces she’s pregnant and then splits.  I’m sure this will be a huge hit with the 18-24 male set.

5. The Event – A presidential assassination attempt, a missing person and a CIA cover-up are among the events that aren’t the event of this mystery thriller’s title.  Can we say 24 ripoff, anyone?

4. Lone Star – A two-timing Texas con man has a wife in Houston and a girlfriend in Midland.  He lives his double life with double everything: two wallets, two cellphones, all while making his con man daddy proud.  Just watch out for your father-in-law, especially since he’s played by the always frightening Jon Voight.  I’m sure women will just love this show.

3. Mike & Molly – Chicago cop Mike and schoolteacher Molly meet at an Overeaters Anonymous group and fall head over heels for each other.  This concept might not work so well, at say, Co-dependants Anonymous, would it?

2. Nikita – Maggie Q, the girl too hot to even need a last name, plays everyone’s favorite scantily clad assassin in this new take on an oldie, but goodie.

1. Hawaii 5-0 - Speaking of oldies, this action-packed remake of the hit series set in the Aloha State centers around a detective trying to solve the murder of  his father, while looking sexy doing it. The theme song is enough to make this a hit all over again.

And that’s not even including reality shows!  What will YOU be watching?


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