Faberge Spider brings this luxury brand back to life

September 7, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News, Lifestyle
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No, this is not a picture of the Faberge spider because they don’t exist–yet. This Faberge spider thing is taking over internet searches everywhere, but what is it?

Faberge is synonymous with luxury and wealth and has been in business since 1872. They’re a world-renowned jewelry house but stopped their business operations in 2001. And now with the help of a South African private equity firm, Faberge is starting up their business again by melting down unsold stock and creating one-of-a-kind collectible items. The much hyped Faberge spider brooch is one of these such items.

Faberge’s initial collection consists of 100 items. The intricate work uses a massive amount of tiny gemstones on each piece to create a mosaic-like effect on all the jewelry. The high price tag of this collection will attract only the wealthiest jewelry connoisseurs as it tops off at $8 million.

Out of the entire collection, the Faberge spider is one of the most beautiful, sources say. There is nothing in the world quite like this and that is what has created the buzz. People all over are scouring the internet for pictures and video of this extremely rare piece. Let’s see if the Faberge spider lives up to the hype.


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