Nicolas Sarkozy plans to increase retirement age and strike ensues

September 7, 2010 |  by  |  World Headlines
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Yes, there is another strike in France! Nearly two million people are planning to take part Tuesday in a series of nationwide strikes stemming from President Nicolas Sarkozy’s plan to up the retirement age to 62. Over 200 demonstrations are planned throughout the country and will be complete chaos.

This full day strike is disrupting travelers throughout the country and many airlines have reduced their load for the day. In Paris alone, flights have been cut by 25 percent and half of rail services may be canceled.

The strike was intentionally timed to coincide with the introduction of Sarkozy’s pensions reform bill to parliament. The full pension eligibility age would also go up two years to 67 which matches the rest of Europe. As expected, this change is despised in France especially by those who do manual labor.

Recent polls showed that Sarkozy has some competition for the 2012 election. Several French politicians could easily beat him if changes are not made. Currently, President Nicolas Sarkozy’s approval ratings are in the mid-30% range.

Strikes are nothing new in France–one back on June 24th brought out about 800,000 demonstrators.


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