Van der Sloot claims he extorted money from Holloway’s parents

September 7, 2010 |  by  |  World Headlines
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Joran Van der Sloot needs to give it a rest already. Everyone knows this creep killed Natalee Holloway, the 18-year-old Alabama teenager who disappeared in Aruba back in 2005. Even 5 years after her disappearance, this narcissistic Dutch killer suspect is still dominating media outlets.

Back in May 2010, the 23-year-old Dutchman was arrested in Peru for the murder of 21-year-old Stephany Flores. They were seen gambling together at their hotel and later seen on video surveillance footage entering a hotel room.

Flores was found brutally murdered shortly after. The kicker here is that he originally admitted to killing Flores but recanted his statement. Van der Sloot claimed he didn’t understand the documents he was signing due to the lack of a state-appointed translator. Really? Who knows what to believe on this one. He is currently awaiting trial in Peru.

But this isn’t even the news of the day!

The latest news on Van der Sloot is that he claims to have extorted money from the Holloway family after Natalee’s disappearance in exchange for the location of the body – a story that is being vehemently denied by the Holloway family lawyer.

A sting operation headed up by the FBI brought the extortion story to light back in June. “I wanted to get back at Natalee’s family – her parents have been making my life tough for five years,” said Van der Sloot from a Peruvian prison. “When they offered to pay for the girl’s location, I thought: ‘Why not’?”

Wait, whaaaat? Hasn’t he been making his own life tough? This guy just won’t stop talking. Let’s hope he gets what he deserves.


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  1. Amen! What a creep that Van der Sloot is! I reread his quote like 3 times and still can’t believe he would have the balls to say “her parents have been making my life tough for five years” Er… perhaps you’ve made their lives touch for five years by killing their daughter? Sheesh!


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