Venus Williams shows off her style at 2010 U.S. Open

September 7, 2010 |  by  |  Entertainment, Sports
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As if Venus William’ French Open outfit choice wasn’t enough, she has done it again! It is no surprise that she has been creating a stir at this year’s U.S. Open. Between the black ensemble the other day and her skintight magenta getup from over the weekend that she calls her “New York fireworks outfit”, Venus dresses to impress. And why shouldn’t she? Venus Williams has won 3 Olympic gold medals, has been ranked number one in the world, and has more Grand Slam titles than she can count. In my book, she has earned her right to wear whatever the heck she wants.

On the court this weekend, Venus Williams sported a magenta “dress” that is barely longer than the tight little shorts underneath. It is adorned with silver rhinestone fireworks from top to bottom and would work equally well at a NYC nightclub. In addition to tennis, Williams, 30, owns an interior design firm called V*Starr and is also a fashion designer with her own clothing line, EleVen.

First and foremost, Venus Williams is a tennis player, but if she has an interest in fashion and her outfits aren’t breaking any rules, then why not go for it? Some say her clothing choices take the focus off her wins, but she has proven herself time and time again.

Is Venus Williams’ tennis outfit appropriate for tennis? I don’t know and it doesn’t really matter because it’s giving her clothing line a ton of publicity. When you’re Venus Williams, you can do whatever you want.


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