Will Boise State’s Football Schedule Be Enough to Garner BCS Love?

September 7, 2010 |  by  |  Sports
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The first week of 2010 NCAA football is in the books and no one can stop talking about the end of the season.

Number 3 Boise State, the non-BCS conference Boise State, beat Number 10 Virginia Tech in a shootout that resulted in everyone and their mother clamoring over what is going to happen if Boise State is undefeated at the end of the season.

For those unfamiliar, only so many NCAA conferences are eligible for automatic BCS bids at the end of the season. Boise St. isn’t in one of them, meaning that even if they have a better record than the Floridas and Penn States of the world, that doesn’t mean they are going to get a shot at the title.

Which, (insert yawn) means that if Boise State (or other non-BCS teams) keep winning then we’re going to have to be all like “OMG are they going to get a shot at the BCS title at the end of the season or should we have a playoff system?”

It’s pretty obvious that a playoff system would be 1. the most fair and 2. FREAKIN’ obvious, but there is so much money tied up in all of these bowl games that convincing those pocketing the cash that they should agree to a different format out of “respect for the game” is like asking LiLo to give up drunk driving out of respect for the people she may kill.

At the end of the day, and the season, no one is going to know anything until, well, at the end of the day. So, if you enjoy speculation, welcome to College Football 2010.


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