Angelina Jolie visits flood victims in Pakistan

September 8, 2010 |  by  |  Entertainment
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Maybe this is why Angelina Jolie turned down that new Natalie Portman movie.  She’s too busy saving the world to memorize lines and fight 3D space monsters.  St. Angelina, as everyone’s snarkiest gossip queen Perez Hilton lovingly calls her, is currently visiting Pakistan in the wake of a devastating flood, hoping open the worlds eyes, and wallets, to this crisis.

Jolie faces an uphill battle.  Pakistan’s government has been publicly criticized for being corrupt, so donations have been slow to come.  Jolie is attempting to assuage people’s skepticism that monetary aid won’t be used directly for the good of the people affected by the flood.

I don’t want some people to use it (corruption) as an excuse not to give assistance,” Jolie told reporters at the UN refugee agency’s Islamabad office.  “I have seen what they have done in the field. I’ve physically seen people assisted, so if you are nervous about giving money directly in one way there are other ways to do it, she said. Via AFP

This is her fourth visit to Pakistan since becoming a UN Ambassador in 2001.

Always on the lookout to add to the soccer team she and her life partner, Brad Pitt, are raising, she is allegedly not opposed to potentially adopting from Pakistan in the future.  Jolie is definitely a celebrity that uses her fame for good, unlike say, Lindsay Lohan, so any flack she may get over her past choices, weird sibling relationships or the fact that she might not stop adopting until she has a baker’s dozen, is nothing compared to all the good she’s doing for people far less fortunate than her.


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