Jerry Lee Lewis Releases New Album

September 8, 2010 |  by  |  Entertainment
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Great balls of fire! Jerry Lee Lewis released a new album and… it might… actually be good?

That’s the word on the street regarding the 74-year-old’s new release Mean Old Man which features collaborations with other artists such as Sheryl Crow, Mick Jagger, Tim McGraw, John Fogerty, Ringo Starr and John Mayer. Lewis covers some classic songs such as “Bad Moon Rising” and “Roll Over Beethoven.”

Pop & Hiss, the L.A. Times musical blog, gave the record a glowing review:

But the Muhammads of pop music apparently are only too happy to come to the mountain that is Jerry Lee Lewis, who turns 75 at the end of this month and demonstrates that he’s still eminently capable of pumping those 88 black and white keys.

Lewis, who unfortunately may most widely be known to those not interested in his music as the guy who married his 13-year-old first cousin once removed, hasn’t stopped cranking out music even as he approaches his 80s.

And, when he’s gone, his daughter, Phoebe, isn’t about to let his past get the better of his legacy.

“When he’s gone, I’ll go ahead and die, too,” she jokes. “I want to get as far away from the music business as I can. But I will guard his legacy. I will not let him become an Elvis with silly, tacky junk. I’m mortified when I see that merchandise all over Memphis. It’s become laughable. Elvis doesn’t deserve that.” Via USA TODAY

Just as Johnny Cash saw a revival of his career toward the twilight of his life, Lewis could, potentially, remind a new generation about what everyone was so up in arms over, and crazy about, when he first burst on the scene years ago.


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  1. I heard Brad Pitt might play him in a new movie.. Cant remember who his child bride would be yet… dakota fanning maybe?!

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