Olivier Martinez and Halle Berry Spotted Kissing in Paris

September 8, 2010 |  by  |  Entertainment
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Remember Catwoman? Me, too. That’s why I can never really look at Halle Berry the same way ever again.

I mean, sure she comes out and is all like “Hey, I’m naked” in Monsters Ball and then she does Catwoman and I just lost all respect for her.

You know, for her acting ability.

But, hey, at least she’s moving on and doing bigger and better things, like making out with Olivier Martinez, better known as that sultry dude in Unfaithful.

According to People magazine, the two “Dark Tide” actors were spotted locking lips off-set in his hometown of Paris.

“It was the classic ‘I’m going to kiss you here in a dark corner’ move,” an eyewitness reveals to the magazine about their hookup. “And she was waiting to be kissed.”

On Sunday, Berry and Martinez – both 44 – were seen strolling through the streets arm-in-arm. They also reportedly enjoyed a romantic dinner at Casa Bini restaurant.

“They were both smiling and laughing,” an onlooker tells People. “Their body language was very flirtatious. They definitely seemed like a couple – absolutely looked like more than friends.”

Berry recently split from Calvin Klein model Gabriel Aubry after a nearly four-year courtship..  The two have a daughter together, 2-year-old Nahla. Via CBS News

OK, maybe “making out” is a bit extreme, however, whatever, they were totally walking next to each other.

I would imagine that a movie set is a pretty good place for a movie start to meet a potential mate/life partner.

Has to be like meeting in the grocery aisle for other “normal” people. Who is going to relate to movie star Halle Berry other than another movie star?


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  1. Um, maybe she shouldnt be starting a relationship with a guy who became famous for being an adulterer. Just a suggestion.


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