The NCSECU Gives Members Another Chance When Overdrafting

September 8, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News, Lifestyle
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The North Carolina State Employees Credit Union is taking a page out of the “good guy” handbook and offering its customers another chance if they make an overdraft on their account.

Overdrafts, obviously, are the bane of human existence. I mean, charging something like $30 if you take out 3 cents more than is in your account doesn’t exactly lead to better budgeting or a balanced bank account.

Members of the NCSECU are going to get at least a few hours to sure up their accounts and put off an exorbitant fee.

The credit union will send a text message to its customers if they try to take out more money than is in their account. The client will have until the end of the day to deposit the difference into the account to avoid an overdraft fee.

NCSECU also offers its customers a second account in which they can keep extra money. If the customer makes a withdrawal for more than they have in their primary account, the difference is taken from the second account. If the difference is met then they will not be hit with an overdraft fee. Via The Street

It’s probably second nature to second guess any sort of organization that is seemingly doing something beneficial for its customers, but NCSECU’s decision is hopefully something that could catch on.

The rub, of course, is that the customer has to have the money available to cover their overdraft. So, a few dollars may not be a big deal to get back, but a few hundred could be a problem.

Either way, bank safe kids!


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