Fisherman reels in giant goldfish in France–real or fake?

September 9, 2010 |  by  |  Entertainment, Lifestyle
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After an article was posted on U.K.’s Daily Mail today, a story about a giant goldfish has been topping search engine queries. Raphael Biagini claims to have caught a 30 pound orange koi carp in France and has the picture to prove it.

During the 10-minute struggle to reel the giant goldfish in, Raphael Biagini said, “To begin with, we couldn’t tell what was at the end of the line, but we knew it was big.” After snapping the above shot, Biagnini released the fish back into the water.

Experts say orange koi grow to fit their habitat so catching a fish of this size is not impossible, just rare. In fact, koi carp can even grow bigger than the one Biagini caught. John McCosker of the California Academy of Sciences weighs in, and according to, the biggest koi on record weighed in at almost 90 pounds.

Putting all the science aside, this picture looks fake. Isn’t this fish just too orange? Doesn’t it seem a little big to be only 30 pounds? And why isn’t it struggling? Biagini looks too relaxed to be holding a fish of that size and weight. Maybe that’s just the skeptic in me.

What do you think about this giant goldfish—real or fake?


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  1. NO this can’t be real… is this real??

  2. OMG! I know koi can get big (just ask Mr. Wang at the Chinese food restaurant around the corner from my house!) but HOLY GOLDIE! This thing is a monster!

  3. Even tho I know they can get quite large, I am so skeptical of this photo. Video mode on that camera would have been more convincing LOL

  4. I know these can get big, but the whole story sounds fishy. How did he know it was 30lbs if he released back into the lake? Have you ever tried to hold 30lbs of slippery fish in that way? If you look at the fisherman’s fingers at the bottom of the fish, his fingers look big in relation to the rest of his body proportions.

    I do suspect a photoshop job here, but I’d really like a photo expert to comment on this.

  5. 100% fake, zero chance this is real :P


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