New York Fashion Week in full swing

September 9, 2010 |  by  |  Entertainment, Lifestyle
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NEW YORK, NY: New York Fashion Week is heating up at Lincoln Center with the biggest names in fashion coming out to present their wares. But how do you get there? Well, you just take “The Fashion Line” subway train. For the week, New York City has renamed the number one subway line to coincide with Fashion Week.

Take note here because the location has changed! No longer held in Bryant Park behind the New York Public Library, New York Fashion Week is taking place at Lincoln Center’s famous fountain on Manhattan’s West Side. The new venue is about 30% bigger and features longer and wider runways.

Some say the problem with New York Fashion Week is that the average woman can only steal glimpses of the styles on TV or in magazines. But here’s something that some can relate to–a show featuring plus size models. The addition of a runway show featuring only plus size models is new and very timely.

As nearly 30 percent of Americans are officially obese, the market for stylish plus size clothes is expanding. One of the show’s organizers, Nancy Le Winter, told Laura Trevelyan of the BBC that designers are finally realizing that plus size women want to be fashionable as well.

Mayer Bloomberg’s office reports that New York Fashion Week will bring out more than 115,000 people and will generate $385 million for the city of New York. Fashion Week finishes up September 16th.


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